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>BUT- is it any good?

Yes. It is. This is, of course, my opinion, and certain lines stand out as weaker than others ("being ripped from the comfort/of their home in beauty" still bothers me) but yes, it's good. Potent, very imagist a la Wallace Stevens. You can be proud of this poem.

As for your writing class, I find that I take classes to work with the teacher, not the other students. I haven't gone in for my MFA yet (Hopefully Naropa, but we'll see) but I know undergrad wise, as well as MA wise the writing classes are usually 10-12 people who can't and 3-5 people who can. Find those people in your class (if they exist) and start a writing group, or maybe just a meer comraderie (SP???) with them, outside of class. That'll help.

And keep posting here, and asking for critique. It works.