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Met a girl on Saturday who didn't know what an 'album' was.
So-and-so's latest "CD" she said.

It didn't strike me as much of a paradigm shift
into older age
until i took the dog for a walk the next day,
and passed the local substation.

Fenced-off and razor-wired,
long uncut grass grew all around,
left wild by local authorities
as a warning.

It hummed electrically
and ominously
of childhood fear.

Painted battleship-grey,
twisted bent piping topped the
smooth plain hull of each

Very nearly silently spewing controlled power
up over horse shit fields
into the middle distance of suburbia.

Groaning delightedly to itself
at every click of lightswitch and kettle and toaster.

I rushed home,
and itched with agitation -
from the past –
sensed even by the dog.

Later i tried to sleep, alone,
Buried safe under an axe-proof duvet.
Feeling older offering no comfort.