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episode xanax 78: poetess-streetwalker, visiting park SR-71...

Posted to Poetry

in which papa smurf and her witness
a manifestation of peter orlovsky
in the tattoos of a vandal

out there, by the wings black,
winds waft in juice
t-bird picnics
of glacial marginalization
words never pulled
off the shelves of
tenured liars

with the cadence of
emily post , she never
had a roll, a fated
tumble of cutoff
denim, a grill of
fang within her
grapey lips

could lay some
ink though,
warpaint for
the semi-insane
cooks, crooks
that run city hall
a signifier
that yawps
in iron

and in the lame eye
of a pyramid
some slavic
saying, smile,
you have
an asshole