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"Good writers borrow. Great writers steal"

thanks for letting me steal a few lines from you and expand on them.

that's not plaigiarism, that's inspiration.

Here's the poem you wrote on Action and this poem here was my reply to it.


LR's originating poem-

how blank does you mind need to be
to write poetry?
A bombastic iambic
Drips with meaning

Multi-leveled and nuanced
Like a husband snoring In a chair
Images and devices
Sweat gathering under a collar
Or a hat brim passes for thought

Meaning escapes from the music
As the lyric drops a step
A fashion or artifice of speech
Like coloring your hair
In just fifteen minutes

The stare of the anchorperson
Will make you believe anything
The sting of incisors neatly fitted
To the wound and evidenced
By DNA tests and raped science

You ask me the meaning of poetry?
Masked in the girth of images
Garbled in technique and abandon
I’m stranded on the llft of definition
Imagination lost on a void of white