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The Trip Home (ppc)

Posted to Poetry

The lights embrace my arrival
But I am to old to feel regret
My left knee shudders again
I begin to feel scared

It has been long
Since we flew over seas
And danced among the birds
I greet the man who takes care of her

Who carries her on his shoulders
For I am too old to carry her now
The front door makes a gesture to hurry up
It knows my leg will shudder again

But Kahn and Huong take their time
For they have plenty of time
They are young, and wiser
For they are the world, and I am too old to care

They have their big toys and contraptions
The Acura is smooth, the smoothest
It allows my leg to ease, but my purity it steals
I unwind the glass prison separating me from nature

A town sign strikes my attention
I freeze…and feel scared it has been a long time
Since I wasted my thoughts on things that do not concern me
But the sign “china” makes me think of my sons death

I only see the dark crevices of the well lit sand
My body feels ill, my leg is now numb
My thoughts are painful, This desert town displays my darkest pain
But I am too old to care.