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they all die in the end

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there must be SOME way for the blind children to express rage with caged tongues unable to lift a finger in barbed wire cocoons lunacy crawling inching thru every gland and every crevice creeping up your arse maggot brains you'll never think the same because madness grows in the rotten forgotten garden of bottled up lust hummingbirds float on dust looking for a goog fuck. GOD wishes them all good luck and sits back on pillowy cloud content with the fact that WE ALL DIE IN THE END.

and as we begin to rot hair grows and fingernails scrape swollen clitoris and another sad-eyed sisyphus is b(p)orn. loony toon villian prepares maniacal snowball at the top of mountain licking his chops at the thrill of the kill. the opium-roasted contradictions are to die for. leave out the side door and enter another cowering inferno flames shiver fed on burning gurgling livers they feel it in their chest and throat and lungs and with the last song sung they smile and say goodnite to all the strangers as they file out because THEY WILL ALL DIE IN THE END.

she wanted him to stop but he would not flesh tearing against gravel and brick innocence smeared into stench blood crimson pink loose threads tickled torn tattered blouse, lace buried under a pile of trash and dialated hatred lying naked by her head as she tried to breathe dead little soft fist lies limp deformed emotionless lead under the weight of the world. she can't wait until he's done and she can go home to her steel lullaby cause THEY ALL DIE IN THE END!

politrick mindwash