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is there any money in chapbooks. I can think of thousands of ways to give writing away for free.
And I would not use the name JO JO for my name I would use my real one, I hate Jo Jo- I just used it because I was kicked of here with every way to put jef geofff jefff jeoff jo seemed easy, I never read Jo JO, I think jo jo is a writer of somthing.
any way a hundred bucks for me to give writing away for free, or to expose myself? I is somthing to think about.
But would you not say that geting exposed is a step to the swanky and ritzy publisher, and dallar billz, as my hom boyz say. Explain to me about the chap book sales, tell me ball park figures, if it is an investment, and it probally changes writer to writer, I would like some help. That is what this board should be about, not a board that simply says you don't need to be published.( I did know what you meant by indi publishing and writing, and it it is what you said) Just the intewrnet game seems, well I can not see it, it is to untouchible, I want somthing more tangible.