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sparks fly off hugs

Posted to Poetry

maybe this is the better poem,
or maybe there are no
poems for this.

i like you!
a whole lot!
i don't care about who you're even with
or who you're not with.

just maybe the possibility that
you might like me too,
because of your smile and
your cute nose crinkled up
the way your eyes look at me
and how you laugh at stupid stuff i say,
even how you seem kinda excited to see me
makes me lose my mind,
gets my heart racing,
my hands shaking and
my head spinning like a bowling ball
right into the gutter.

which is where most of my thoughts are anyway.

What does it really come down to?
the strikeout. the rejection.
my biggest fear and the one thing that holds me back
from telling you straight out
(which i'll probably do next time i see you,
at this point, what is the point)
that I have an impossible crush on you

if it's impending and inevitable, then,
it's a worthy cause.

liking you is scary and awesome for me.
i am such a retard when it comes to love related stuff.
you are the sun
and i am an ice cube
and i am melting.

if i evaporate,
maybe i can
rise up into the atmosphere
and see how close
i can get
to you.

i don't even know if thats scientifically possible.
thats probably why i am not becoming a science teacher
but i do know that today at work
i am not concentrating
on working,
and all that shit
that was bothering me
this whole week
i forgot about.

right now i am just
working on the
and sending telepathic signals to you
with my limited sonar ability
that i've developed
from watching lots of
blue planet: seas of life dvd's.

can't wait to see you again.