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striking in exactly 300 words

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Jessie’s bloodied hands hold an even bloodier head, “Jessie, STOP FUCKING CRYING! Dear, you’re driving me fucking nuts, please stop.” Alex searches the room, in the corner a broken bats slivers hold meaty chucks of flesh and hair. Above the splinters is a slight impression, of half a row of upper teeth. In the cushioning black tape is the indention of hand prints, rage gripped with white knuckles, silencing screams. The blood spatter trajectory on the walls suggests a brutal beating occurred, in the hallway; and also in the bedroom where small red boot prints paced from the bat to the bed. On the bed, trace semen samples can be found swimming in blood saturated flannel sheets, below the spreads thickness. Arms wrapped tight around a tighter torso, Jessie paces crying and sucking up snot. “What the hell is the matter with you? You weak fucking bitch, shut up, shut…up.” Alex peers out into the hall where a terrycloth robe hangs from a broken stairway banister; back into the bedroom.
On one knee still crying; and again holding a head, of drying red to brown crusted blonde hair, “I loved her.”
“She didn’t love you; and you just beat her to death with a bat asshole. Jessie have you ever heard the phrase ‘boys don’t cry’? I need all your manly strength to help me carry the bodies; and clean up the evidence. What’s done is done. First you need to let her go. Then I need you to help me get that cheating bastard in the hall into a plastic bag, out of the house and into the trunk of the car. After we take care of cleaning up every trace of evidence; and I’ve dropped you off somewhere by yourself, then you can cry all you fucking want.”

Besides the confusion, I have a bigger problem here, baseball bats don't splinter! But I'm sure you already knew that. I didn't visualize the proper breakage till it was too late. Shit! I'll need at least 500 to pull this one off.