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Being Published and Chapbooks - hooray

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as a published author i can agree with a lot of what you guys are saying - it ain't easy and it ain't everything.
i had my book of short stories Back From Nothing published by a company that is now out of business and must market, sell, and distrubte the bloody thing myself. what's worse is that Amazon now charges you to use their author services, which, if you don't sell books, is a lot of money for nothing.
myself, i went with a publisher that did the work, as it were, where i paid them a fee to get the book done. was i happy?
yes and no. i feel like half a writer as i paid for the book to be printed, but then, i had no choice. and the end result is a book i can use as a calling card. i have not, and don't see myself making my money back, but it IS a calling card.
same thing with a chapbook. i was lucky enough to get two different ones made for very, very little money 'cause i knew someone at Kinkos. i didn't really sell any but it was a physical copy of my work that i can show people.
the point is -
you will not make money on a chapbook or on your first book, unless you are very lucky (being good is not really part of it i fear). but it is a good way to let people see what you're about.
the hell of being published is that it's probably the hardest thing to do as far as the arts because it's more based on money than talent or ideas, and there-in lies the rub.
hell, i finished a novel i can't even get people to look at, but i will keep looking for someone to buy it, even if i don't make money in the end because i want people to get this in their hands. and that's what it's all about.