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response to ideas by brooklyn

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I'm clearly more of an anxious and difficult person.

I *think* that the Poetry Board [I'll call it that since 95% of what's posted is poetry and 4% of the remainer is a prose-poetry hybrid) is a byproduct of thie website. The alure remains today and forever the Beat articles.

I am concerned that these issues tear poor Levi and from his CD player and deny his kids their father.

I'm not really needing something to happen instantly so much as I am interested in what you, Levi, wants to see happen here. But, perhaps I have gotten my answer ... let things evolve.

Still, anxious people like myself like to know what does it mean to post here? If it is designated as a workshop, then perhaps more helpful critiques (i.e., statements other than pure praise) will be more welcomed. Should the board be an e-magazine farm system? Today, markk launched "deep cleveland junkmail oracle" using many poems that first appeared at LitKicks. Some of these issues can only be resolved by administrative decisions that are made. The boards are likely to exist in a state of happy chaos -- no matter what -- giving little information of what direction to head off in.

-- sharik