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Willy The Disk

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Ah so many, but this from Burroughs himself:

" Well, the fuzz has my spoon and dropper, and I know they
are coming in on my frequency led by this blind pigeon
known as Willy the Disk. Willy has a round, disk mouth lined
with sensitive, erectile black hairs. He is blind from shooting
in the eyeball, his nose and palate eaten away sniffing H, his
body a mass of scar tissue hard and dry as wood. He can only
eat the shit now with that mouth, sometimes sways out on a
long tube of ectoplasm, feeling for the silent frequency of
junk. He follows my trail all over the city into rooms I move
out already, and the fuzz walks in some newlyweds from
Sioux Falls.

"All right, Lee! I come out from behind that strap-on! We
know you" and pull the man's prick off straightaway. Now
Willy is getting hot and you can hear him always out there in
darkness (he only functions at night) whimpering, and feel
the terrible urgency of that blind, seeking mouth. When they
move in for the bust, Willy goes all out of control, and his
mouth eats a hole right through the door. If the cops weren't
there to restrain him with a stock probe, he would suck the
juice right out of every junky he ran down. I knew, and
everybody else knew they had the Disk on me. And if my kid
customers ever hit the stand: "He force me to commit all
kinda awful sex acts in return for junk" I could kiss the street
good-bye. "