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is this even poetry?

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understand not I grope at your words, but you are not in mind when I dream a little dream. I can think of her. oh her I think of. Oh her I think of, of tonight. I smile, and am over fear, but fear gets me sometimes. but I don't know. but I don't know, but how many buts can be involved? When it is your but I can about. now don't be sill I don't mean your but but your but is the but I love, but... Is it poetic licence that I run away, or is it just boringness, and I asked it before, and I'll ask it again, is this even poetry? I mean, the last time I sang that tune on the top of the mountain (oh poetic hate) I lost. Ifell, I love you. I love you I love you , I am so love. I am so corny i am so gone