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Not a believer, just intrigued..

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Apart from the (alleged) moon landing in 1969 (which I know for a fact was a hoax) and the multi-gunman-initiated murder of a US president in 1963, I don't actually believe in conspiracy theories per se, but I find exploring the details and history of them very interesting.

One theory concerning the lead singer of my favourite band is that Jim is still alive and well, living in Central Africa under the name Mr. Mojo Risin'. Since there was no death certificate, and only two people (Pamela + the cop who first to the scene) ever saw his body, this is a possibility (i.e. it IS possible) but to me it seems highly unlikely that a man who thrived on attention, thrill-seeking and above all lots of sex, would make such a move to a vastly different and unwelcoming environment such as Central Africa.

However, I know there are other theories, and I was just wondering if anyone here subscribed to any of them?