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the mad cow herd on a stampede

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Atilla G, the publisher of DharmaBeat, is way-into the Coo-sinner, as are many other hard-core lefties i know.

i'm glad Dennis the Menace is in the choir, and only hope when the dems whittle down to one lead singer that the vegan peaceniks still stand behind the popular nominee and stay in the church of change, and don't get disCouraged and just stay home.

i'm glad you got to turn onto him now, cuz unless he mortgages his home like sad John from Mass, there won't be many more articles about him a month from now.

he's obviously a great person at heart, which means a solid 3% of Americans can relate to him (as he's polled since he got in the race).

i'm in canada right now, and boy, the view of America from outside your barbed-wire electric fence sure is ugly! talk about mad cows and burning bushes!

if americans really saw the way the rest of the world sees them, ya gotta think they'd change.

it's like this big loud slobbering drunk at a party, just stumbling around breaking the furniture and insulting everyone in the room, but in their own drunken head they think they're the life of the party.

it could almost be John Belushi-funny, if the fat pig wasn't actually destroying the real literal non-movie world we live in.

since 9/11, George W. Bush and his friends have created new Generations of suicide bombers, that within the next few years will have nuclear weapons, and simply using airplanes to kill us will soon seem so quaint.