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My piece on your piece

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America: England: Iraq:
We plot a diagram.
The self: The Army: School:
We plot a diagram:
Moslem: Christian: Atheist:
We plot a diagram:
Nationalism: Provincialists: The Self:
I already said that.
We plot a diagram: I don't know what that means.

America does bomb a lot of places. George W Bush did buy the election. Iraq does not have any weapons of mass destruction. Iraq did not orchestrate the Towers and Planes Horror.

America does want oil. America is going to get oil.
America wants to control the Middle East, The World.

"We gonna force you to have free speech and free election at the barrel of a gun and how about a few barrels of that nice oil you got over there" (from my screenplay that does not exist about the War In Iraq)

A man who defended his country is bound to get het up when a man criticizes it. I understand that. And I bet you seen some shit.
I have never been in the army. I wonder what kind of things it makes you feel. It must make you feel kind of nationalistic, blind to the faults. Some wars have to be fought. Others do not.

I am honestly out of my depth here. America does not colonize. It bombs.

The Russians left the rostrum
The Americans burnt it down
The Germans said its gonna cost 'em
The British gathered round.

Why did I get involved here? I don't have the mind for it.
I wonder how it feels to be an American?