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American bombs

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saved Moslems from genocide in the former Yugoslavia.
saved the world from Fascist and Japanese Imperial domination in WW2.
saved France in WW1.
Saved South Korean from an invading North Korea in 1950.
saved Kuwait from an invading Iraq.
saved Panama from a right-wing dictatorship.
saved Greece from Communist take over in 1947.
The threat of American bombs protected all of Western Europe from a Russian takeover all during the cold war.
Are protecting Japan and Taiwan from a Chinese takeover

Go visit a Veteran's hospital in your city and see the price paid for your freedom by some of America's 26 million Vets.

Try to imagine the world without the umbrella of US military power. You wouldn't like it. I have a friend who floated in a rubber truck tire for three days across shark invested waters just so he could come home at night without having to answer to someone as to where he had been. Of course he's not married.