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not isolationist.

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That's not what I was getting at. And I've already noted the threat posed by 20th Century Communist nations. Pure isolationism is something no individual or group can ever truly afford. What I was asking is if we took it substantially too far in the opposite direction?

You are correct when you assert that our military strength has deterred Communist (or other) aggression. But I have to admit.... I look at something like our rather tragic involvement in Vietnam and Cambodia, and I can't help but wonder about the underlying philosophy which put us there. South Vietnam fell despite all the unimaginable bloodshed, and yet it seemed to have no impact in the end.

I just get the feeling that all of these covert, or
vaguely justified operations (manipulating toxic to fight toxic) end up doing more harm than good in the long run. Be strong and be ready.... Yes.... Endlessly intervene in poorly understood situations, even working with abhorrent individuals/regimes.... No....But that might be a much harder distinction to put into practice than theory, I suppose.