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hey michael!

thanks for reading and writing! and good luck with your screenplay :-)

are you Not american then? where in the world are you?

some of the other responses are so sadly illustrative of the dialog america is having right now, and proves my point, that when someone mentions that the invasion of iraq might not be a great idea, that point of view is dismissed as "such ignorance." it's this"Crossfire" shoot-the-messenger McCarthyite mentality in rank-&-file Americans that is exactly what i was addressing, and is why we're in a lot of fuckin trouble. (excuse my freedom)

the global disaster we're living thru is not only the catastrophic mistakes that Bush is making, but the cancerous chest-beating we're-always-right mindset that has spread throughout the country; and that anyone who challenges it is "disrespecting" America.

i wasn't conscious thru the Vietnam conflict, nor the Civil War -- only read about them in the history books that i'm accused of not reading -- about 'brother against brother.' i've never really Felt it, never Lived it, as i expect most of us on this board have not. but it is happening right now. our country, my adopted land, the home i love and swam across metaphorical oceans by choice to be a part of, is being torn apart.

brian the political siezmologist sez: this is an absolute sure thimg that this volcano is going to blow. this is going to be an election and an american civil war like none of us have experienced. unless you remember '68. . . . christ. boston.

my above post is about both the fatal hubris of this new american foreign policy, and the ugly, insular fuck-you attitude that is being fertilized daily by the white house and has infected the american citizenry -- and is so painfully visible from any other point on the globe.

i'm just really scared, you guys -- that all this poetry and joy and beauty and sharing and hope that we spindly little poets are trying to spread is just going to be run over by a Bradley tank as the rah-rah Bush War Army waving"American Bombs" banners steam-rolls over us on its way to hell with a bunch of obedient soldiers stomping along behind.

and i don't mean a literal tank -- i mean we're creating a clash of civilizations. We need to be Talking to Muslims, not bombing them. As Einstein said, "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."

most americans who rah-rah this war are as closed to other points of view as this administration is to the rest of the world's. they enable each other, and anyone who doesn't agree with them is out of the room. they're running congress this way, have treated the world this way, and their supporters are treating their neighbors this way.

this isn't musketville any more. the globe is too well armed and too pissed off to be antagonizing anyone. i don't know why, but i keep getting this image of Custer at Little Big Horn . . . riding high on his horse thru the gentle valley then looking up at the hills around him and going " . . . Oh shit."

i'm just holding up a mirror along the 49th parallel to the raging fire i temporarily left down south -- and that i couldn't see as clearly when i was in it. if being in canada makes me wrong or ignorant, well, so be it. i guess me and Neil and Joni and Robbie and Meyers should just hang it up, eh? but, as i'm afraid will come as news to some, we're all in the same world, and i just want us to survive and thrive and be a better species and to stop killing each other over oil or money or god or family pride or uranium from Niger or whatever.

all i'm saying is it looks even worse when you step back than it does when you're in the thick of it. and i hope some other global litkickers will kick in on this subject because i think our domestic cyber community can only benefit from a little wide-lens perspective from our global soul brothers and sisters who have found this special site in the universe. we need each other. cuz there's a huge ugly tank with a big head of steam headin right for us.