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sorry if i wasn't clear. i just went in and tweaked it to make it more direct i guess . . . i'm just saying america 'exported' people out of africa to bring them to the u.s. as slaves. is that clearer?

the colonization i refer to is by any imperial force, and the point was that from mesopotamia thru hitler there was no global television or instant media, and that colonization never worked before and sure isn't gonna work now. western forces trying to move into Iraq, as we have done, is a colonial invasion and occupation, however it's sold.

If you are genuinely curious about why Canada isn't run by the "indians" as you call them, you might want to check into how Canada treats their native peoples. you could start with the Minister for Native Affairs, which is a cabinet position in Ottawa. Canadians treat their native peoples like they treat everyone with health care. it's a whole different concept most americans don't understand. except they like to buy our drugs for half price and our weed for top dollar.
i'll just substitute the proper noun and close with your own sweet poet's tender-heart language, "You should also visit Toronto. Try to shoot your mouth off there."