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from a fellow canuck

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some good stuff in a fellow canuck, i agree mostly....i've seen the blindered approach of which you speak....i recall one business trip to colorado springs about 4 years ago (pre 9-11), i've worked with the US navy extensively and have been to naval bases in norfolk, charleston, jacksonville and san diego, colorado springs, washington, and have deployed with american ships more times than i can count....and i've never seen a higher concentration of bible-thumping rightist scary folks as i have in colorado springs....can you imagine? these guys run cheyenne mountain...these are the guys who are going to have their fingers on the SDM buttons....

but i'm not sure i agree with your comments regarding canadians sliding sentiments towards depends on your circles....i was in the gulf on a canadian warship hunting for al qaeda stowaways on commercial vessels (among other things) from september 2002 to may 2003.....when i came home, i let it be known i was proud of my prime minister's guts in not supporting bush (although not entirley true - first hand knowledge).....i took a lot of flack....certainly my familial circle was upset......(not enough to enlist, i might add....)

anyway, enjoyed your post