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Dude, you're incorrect in my opinion

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I seem to notice a trend in your "worldly" predictions: you seem to really hate Communism. How can you say such things? As far as Communist Russia taking over all of Europe, I can't easily see how that would have happened. Weren't there a couple countries with armies there? And I know that the USSR did start some agressive maneuvers in certain cases (i.e.- Afghanistan) but are you really myopic enough to believe they could just roll through all of Western Europe as easily as a snapping of the fingers? Impossible. Even the French would have fought against them, and without the Maginot Line to act as a border-protection downfall, it wouldn't have been a slaughter. As far as China taking over all of Asia, wasn't the USSR in Asia? Wouldn't they have something to say about this? How can you claim they wouldn't have faced off in some way?(they do follow two totally seperate styles of Communism)
Also, isn't it true that the last time a country was in position to actually take over Southeast Asia, that it was the Japanese? The did roll through a good deal of China during their great expansionist era, and they were also the only country in Asia whom we stopped from having a military at all. So, it would seem that it ain't the reds what had the upper-hand in that contest. As far as the Cuba thing, you're wrong. Cuba would have severe trouble taking over Haiti, let alone a country with a friggin military. Additionally, Chile, Brazil, and others have the backing of major governments who would step in and help defend the areas just to save their oil deposits, if nothing else. As far as the Communist clients taking over the Middle East, you might as well claim they will take over Middle Earth. It could not occur. Muslims are a highly religious people who would not stand for an atheist regime to lead them. Aren't most of their political parties (i.e. the Baath party of Hussein) religious in order? The ramifications of this statement is that the people would not allow this to happen, and most any Communist switchover in history comes as a result of the will of the people. As far as Canada and the US, how? Where to start such an extreme takeover? Cross the Bering Straight and take Alaska? (which if you think about it is hilarious) My question is as follows: How the hell does anyone find the military equality to actually invade the US? They don't. If you understand military tactics, you would know that the narrowest point of defense is the strongest to hold, and if we could really just defend the bottleneck of the Bering Straight, then none would ever cross. As far as coming over the ocean, we would also easily defend that, with the added bonus that it would be impossible for 'them' to send any waves of reinforcements easily. Your arguments are poor, and your history is one-sided and incomplete. While I do not know everything, I know my viewpoint is more realistic than your paranoia.