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quick question

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you mentioned the feelings of canucks in May when you returned (a road trip that would merit some serious postage around ehre i might say), and i agree -- back then the vibe was positive. that was the month of the "Mission Accomplished" carrier landing by G.W. Bulge, and the stock market shot up (sorry), and everything looked fine as wine.

but as dylan put it, Things Have Changed.
feel free to lemmi know now or later, but, unless you're in Texas, er Alberta, i gotta think there is not now a positive vibe towards what's happening. i know the So-damn Insane outta-the-hole trick got a round of applause, but where are you at in the country that they're still clapping?
did you maybe stop taking the temperature when you got the cold shoulder in May?
i'm not challenging or disbelieving you, just wondering. cuz you've gotta be getting the same CBC etc. i am.

p.s. you don't have a tape of the outdoor game in edmonton do ya?