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oh, those american bombs

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killed innocents while proclaiming peace
were dropped by many present antiwar veterans ww2
saved nobody in ww1 an illusiuon a lie
killes and saves at the same time a schitzophrenia
like the gunners on medevac choppers killing and saving at the same time
the right wing dictatorship was our man for a time until challenged our hegenmony
the neighbor was blasted the defenders had white flags and were buried enmass then forgotten as our troops parachuted into ft bragg and now there are more narcs going thru panama than ever/ of the big fat greek fascism the solution to anti communism/
bombs protecting japan? what balderdash and the taiwanese are waitimg to tie one on.

i'm the son of a bomber pilot, the nephew of one, the friend of my long dead daddy's bomber co they dropped em on munich on a sunday morning they dropped em on a german village when the targets was clouded over, they was lucky bastards/my long dead daddy's b-24 aircraft commender is 80, active in peace works and democracy works. voted for another ww2 bomber pilot mcgovern, then there is howard zinn, ww2 bombardier now peoples '' historian and the ball turret gunner's memory a poem but hey go get em graham you'rs hot to war!

why visiting a va hospital is where i learned about the carnage in panama where i did some of my healing too and tho the common tune is to thank veterans for our freedom in fact free speech end standing up for your rights is where freedom comes from and political involvement also in community
try to imagine the world without the umbrella of us military power i would like it just fine

cuba came from batista thru castro now a new peasant movement is afloat try to imaging a latin america without the umbrella of u.s. power

castro sucks but that does littler to justify your claims than anything you ranted about. how the fuck are we ever gonna get things right if we keep on repeating the same old tired formulas over and over.?

besides, i work with lots of veterans outside the va system. cancer folks. another one last week. lymphoma from agent orange exposure to radioactive armaments what else?

take a good look at the va. you will find hospitals closing. the republicans giving lip service to the veterans whils denying services.

war sucks and when we go into it by lies and deceipt and glamourise it and lip serve the vets then we are contributing to the problem of why the rest of the world sees how much we have definate issues?

or that's my perception. but you are proud? ok.'
you be proud and me be pissed. that's freedom, not the fact that we wore military uniforms once. besides, in the nam, my flight suit had the propensity to shrink, after a year it was shrunk halfway up my calves and i didn't wear rank. but boy, i could fly. human cargo, dead or alive. bullets , howitzer shells, land mines, scared mountagnards, hippy soldiers, grunts stinking like dirty socks, puking death smells. saw the bomb craters in east cambodias's hell, saved nobody, gave impetus to more slaughter.

and so will our policies unleash more and more and more a neverending cosmic spiral of violence. but we don't see past our illusions and the shallow praises evoked imitated parroted en mass. so much for creativity. a mere marketing ploy.