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OM's New Years's rant from Iraq with love

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Posted on Thursday, January 01, 2004 - 04:20 pm:

Hey guys, thanks again for all the support. It means a lot to know there are others out there that understand the daily ignorance that is military life. Course, I must be head imbecile for staying in as long as I have. Oh well, never said you had to be smart to be in the military.
Our New Years went out with a bang, literally. Seems the local insurgents (whatever brand name the administration is putting on them these days) figured we needed fireworks, so they shot rockets in our area. Gotta love these guys, trying to help us celebrate like that (whole statement dripping sarcasm). In the meantime, I am still seeing the other side of the fence of people just trying to make a buck. I was talking with one of the local contractors (which is an interesting exercise in futility sometimes) and learned that he is a civil engineer with a college degree. Now I don't know how a degree from Iraq stacks up with U.S. standards, but the man has brains and knows how to manage people and supplies amazingly well. He's offered me lunch with him and his workers several times and said he can get anything I want in Baghdad. I've tried their food and it's not bad, but pretty simple stuff. Still good. Their tea is also good but very sweet. As for anything else, I'm going to decline. Could be getting into dangerous territory there and don't want to even head that way. Still, as nice as they seem, any one of their workers could have a mad on and come to the morning shakedown sporting the latest in explosive fashions. I can only hope that the supervisors sense of opportunity is helping him decide who should come and who should stay behind at the radical meetings. Just one more day of watching the locals and I get back to my regular day to day grind. All the rest of you do some drinking for me. I'll try to catch up when my term ends.