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History lesson from an idiot dude

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I don’t hate Communism; in fact when I was in high school back in the 40’s I thought it was a great idea. But after visiting Russia as early as 1956 and then again in 1987 getting a chance to see the neglect and also having spent months in Tito’s Yugoslavia in 1957, I decided I would hate living under a Communist regime. I can understand why it might be good for some countries, like China after WW2.

Could Russia have taken over all of Europe after WW2? You ask, “Weren’t there a couple of countries with armies there?” The answer is no. There was no Polish army to stop them from taking Poland. No Hungarian army to stop them from taking Hungry. No Czech army.No Latvian army. No Estonian army. No Bulgarian or Romanian army. There was a Finnish army and they fought and won and kept their independence.

In the West there was only the American army with Great Britain and her commonwealth allies. There was no French, Belgium, Dutch, Greek, Danish or Norwegian armies.
The USSR with the US and her allies jointly occupied Austria and Germany. Italy was occupied by the US for a very short while.

In the Far East the Russians grabbed Manchuria, parts of Japan (which they still hold) and took control over North Korea.
Communist parties fought for control of France and Italy and started a full-blown civil war in Greece. They took control in Albania and Yugoslavia.

There can be no doubt that without the US commitment Europe would be entirely under Communist control today. I for one would not like to live there under those conditions. Am I myopic as you say to think they could have just rolled over Europe? Are you blind?
As to China and Russia, they were allies, Russian pilots flew MIGs against us in Korea. Yes, eventually they could have faced off.

You say that the Russian attempt to conquer Afghanistan in order to get a warm weather port was an “aggressive maneuver”. Some would call it an invasion.

As to Cuba having trouble taking over Haiti. Did you know they were shipping troops to fight in Angola to support the Russian client during that civil war? Do you even know where Angola is? Try Africa.
Don’t you know that Russia almost succeeded in planting Nuclear missles aimed at us in Cuba? Didn't they try to export Communism to central and south America? If successful wouldn't these be bases for missles?

In the Middle-East. Iran before the Shah, Iraq, Egypt, Syria were all soviet clients. Armed and supported by the USSR. The Baath party is a secular pro-communist movement.

“Most any Communist switchover in history comes as a result of the people” And you call me an idiot? Cuba traded one dictator for another, no one knew Castro was a Marxist until he took over.

How North and South America could have defended itself with it’s economy in ruins, no access to Asian and European markets or Middle Eastern oil while surrounded by Nuclear weapons aimed at them is for you to figure out. I think we would be toast. And if you think Joseph Stalin was Mr. Nice Guy you should know he is credited with 60 million deaths in order to get his "people" to adopt Collectivism. Did you ever hear of the Gulag? Did you ever read a book about these times?