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Clearer and clearer

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It would be clearer to say that African clans raiding each other sold slaves to Arab traders who exported them to Englishmen, Frenchmen, Spaniards, Danes, Portuguese and Dutchmen in their Colonies.

If America's occupation of Iraq is Colonization it will be the first where the Mother country puts in more money then it takes out. Assuming that the oil belongs to the Iraqis as Bush as claimed.

We have an Indian Bureau in America as well under the Dept. of Interior. Native Americans have a choice. They may live as wards of the Govt. on reservations or they may join the general population.

I admire the Canadian Universal Health Care system and wish we had it here. I admire the lax drug laws and abundantly inexpensive weed. Vancouver is surely a Paradise but if I ever want to visit a cultural Siberia I will shoot my mouth off in Toronto. Meanwhile....PEACE