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you read my comments to that guy you were fighting with? make me my chillum yet? I dont really like Dean, I wish Gore would run, although I did vote for Nader last time, but MN it was important to vote b/c the dems were going to win, and Greens finished 1 point shy of making major party status, you know? whereas gore carried mn by nearly 10 nh or fl it might have been different for me, if i'm in south dakota, it will be dean, I dont know if I'll deal with the campaigns or not, Daschle and Democrat who is running to take Janklow spot are both from my hometown, sounds like she'll win imagine that 3 democratic congressman(thats all we get) from South Dakota, odd, we haven't had a democratic governor for 30-40 maybe 50 should read the editorals here, bush is getting economy back on track, i'm sure your not seeing it brother-he also is putting us further in debt then any prior admin and all this babble about smaller gov't what the fuck?

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