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they say the soviet's never had the equity to fight us look at 70 tech Mig-23-7 vs F-15 and F-16 notice how every combat engagement we roll over them, Saddam choose not to fly his large airforce into combat the first war, probably a mistake, even if the soviets outnumbered us our weapon systems were superior, the only advantage of an ak over an m-16 is that m=16 is more likely to jam, otherwise, none, you cant even hit anything with an Ak from more then 50 yards, especially with auto fire, m-16 easily good to .25-.5 mile, m-1a5 vs t-72, a m1-1a5 can move and fire and hit things, compare a-10 warthog to su-22 frogger,,,no parity, a hind to an Apache -apache's used in W. Europe as designed would have attained a kill ratio of 20-1 ouch! the soviet union was bound to fail, its the economy stupid!