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during the air war over Serbia dozens of US craft were shot down including a f-117a by a sa-6, americans did lose their lives.

no disrepect to the Kosovo Muslims's but Hitler was a great hero to Croats, and Vlad the Impaler was a great hero to the Romanians, this is not an arguement

b/c thats who got him to run--its a ploy to keep the party from moving left center after being right center
because i'm seen him stammer his non views several both in print and on tv, you name if your a big supporter
i dont i vote for the best choice to defeat Bush, and thats Dean..i dont like him either, but us Greens probably are going to wait to we have a popular democrat running for reelection to rebuild we dont like either-but we really dont like bush at all, anyone who runs is a 'professional politician' the army is politics anyway dude