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canadians' vibe

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just a quick follow-up -- happened to catch CTV's interview with P.M. Martin today and he was asked, "As you know the polls show that although Canadians like Americans, they are overwhelming opposed to george bush and his administration's poilicies, especially iraq, so won't it be hard for you politically to build a stronger alliance with the u.s. president?"
to which martin answered he would stand up for canada's interests, etc. etc.
but the point re: our discussions, is that it was presented by the head of a national news organization to the prime minister that there's an overwhleming dislike of Bush & his policies and they both accepted this as a fact without it even being a grey area.
i realise you were commenting on your immediate environs, but i just wanted to share where it seems the nation in general is at.
two people up to their eyebrows in politics just accept that canadians really don't like the current president, and therefore how do you deal with that.

also, martin himself voted against canada's involvement in the war, and also is saying repeatedly that he intends to continue to push the marijuana decrim legislation.

also, as an example of what i was talking about in the other posts, one of the leading CTV anchors refered casually to the "so-called war on terror."
i don't think you would hear wolf blitzer or tom brokaw refer to it as a "so-called" war on terror.
which, personally, i don't think it is a war on terror either, that's just the front to get away with all the other shit they're doing.
besides all the rest of the content of the news that supports this general feeling up here, i just thought the fact that a senior anchor would refer to it this way and no one blinks is illustrative of the accepted canadian perspective on this.
i just think it's very interesting, and i'm sorry for some of the weird vibes this thread has created.