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all equal

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is it possible one country or one person could do something wrong or bad and the other country or person doesn't?
just because america helped beat hitler in the 40s, does that make every action their military takes thereafter justified?

all i was trying to point out was a feeling, a vibe from a pretty reasonable neighbor.
by mentioning they oppossed invading iraq does not equal me saying they are "innocent of all political sins". i wasn't saying that, and why would you infer it?

'all nations are complicit in the evils of the world' -- on a large metaphysical sense, i guess.
is iceland equally guilty as germany?
does that make you equally guilty of killing john lennon as the mental case who did that?
are there some gradations here, or it's all totally equal?

canadians do not feel 'politically innocent' -- i maintain they are more sophisticated than the current bush administration. they're more in line with what john lennon taught about peace and tolerance for others. they are living the future that jefferson envisioned of tolerance and equality for all.

you're right, we're all citizens of the world, and all i was pointing out was what some of those citizens are saying. and the reason i did it was because it reflected so vividly the attitudes of some many other countries in the world.