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the long view

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I was just exchanging some heated (about 200 degree) emails with my buddy Karmacoupe, and thought I'd ask a question here that I just asked him.

I am basically a liberal moderate, as far as politics goes. And I guess I've never believed much in the power of the political arena to solve problems anyway. When I think of the problems of the world I tend to find myself reaching for spiritual, philosophical or artistic answers rather than legislative or electoral answers. My idea of a politician I like is Joe Strummer from the Clash.

I don't think either Democratic or Republican candidates capture my views, and can't remember the last time I related to any major candidate. I always end up voting for the Democrat on the list, but it's not with a hell of a lot of spiritual hope that I pull these levers.

All of the above is meant to serve as a prelude and setting to this question which is: as we argue world politics, lynch Bush, etc. ... what is the long view? I hear people talk about getting Bush out of office as if this is going to solve anything. I seem to remember that the world kinda sucked before Bush became President too. Why do we waste so much time insulting him, calling him stupid (I really doubt that George Bush got this far by being stupid), burning him in effigy, and wishing ill will upon his most sensitive private parts? Is this supposed to represent some kind of actual substantive political view?

I just don't think George Bush is anywhere near the root of all the evil in the world right now. I don't think he's helping any, that's for sure. But in a Buddhist sense George Bush is an illusion, a nobody, a nothing. He's a reaction to a reaction to a reaction. A single spoke on the wheel of samsara.

What is the long view? Besides getting George Bush out of office, which is an agenda many LitKickers (but certainly not all) probably agree with ... what else needs to be done?

-- Levi