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the intelligence of heads

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Bush like other heads of state and most politicians, is simply an actor (in the dramtic sense). it doesn't matter whether he's smart or stupid but only whether he can act well enough to please much of the crowd. his handlers, the people really plotting and pulling the strings, strategists, speech-writers, policy-makers, campaign organizers, now these people have to be smart. and bush's team is smart, do not doubt that. (they just lack moral intelligence.) their problem is not that they are not smart, it is that they are greedy and soulless. they are willing to sacrifice people for their plans and are delighted to line the pockets of their rich cronies while poor people starve and have inadequate healthcare; they are willing to send other people's sons and daughters off to war, to drop bombs on third-world countries, killing thosands of civilians and making the US an even more likely target of terrorism, just so they can give reconstruction contracts to their corporate pals.