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good question

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I'm trying to think more along this line and educate
myself a little more regarding world affairs and history. I don't have much time right now, but I want to attempt some kind of answer.

I think the main thing is that future long-term welfare of both the U.S. and the world will depend on many factors, and in that sense it is not simply a matter of removing George W. Bush from power. However, since Bush currently occupies the most powerful office on earth, an office he is abusing (in my opinion) to pursue a reactionary, antagonistic policy of continual warfare which in the end will "settle" nothing and create even more reactionary responses from everyone who's "not with us" (at a cost of thousands of human lives and hundreds of billions of dollars), I think criticism and a certain level of urgency toward Bush's removal from office is justified.

But it will take more than that, obviously. Without going into too much detail, I believe the U.S. should take a hard look at the way it conducts foreign policy, moving in the direction of non-interference (militarily) in the affairs of other nations. We should be waging war only when it is clearly demonstrated as necessary. We should not be giving chemical and biological weapons to murderous dictators. And we should try to be more continually at the forefront of trying to negotiate peace. I know that Israel-Palestine is a very difficult situation (apparently the Palestinian Charter still denies Israel's right to exist). But the point is to relentlessly keep trying. Bulldozing the homes of average citizens and aggressively building settlements
on disputed land only makes everything worse.

And..... I know I'll get in big trouble for this one.... but we've got to tone down our gluttony somewhat here in the U.S. You've heard the numbers.... 5% of the earth's population consuming over 1/4 of its resources. Too much dependence on foreign oil (the Iraq war is at least partially about oil), and the hastening of the planet's environmental demise.

Anyway..... just some thoughts. There's much more to it of course, but that's all I have time for right now.