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the deeper truth

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lies in what you said. We are all citizens of the world. But of course the world is split up into regions and provinces; a patchwork of "we" and "they", where "they" typically approach life differently than "we", and "they" are often poorly understood by "we". This can lead to widespread fear and suspicion between groups whose apparent
(irreconcilable?) differences may seem threatening. Thus, at times it is astonishingly easy for a leader to manipulate very large numbers of people into believing that their "way of life is threatened".....this kind of large-scale vague fear (or anger) can spread rapidly, tied in with survival instinct. But really, as I recall Joseph Campbell writing, survival is only the second law of life. The first is that you and the other are one.

I mention this because I think it (fear and/or anger) represents a component of nationalism beyond pure mindless flag-waving. This is why foreign policy is so important; how we compose and present ourselves in the world community. And even if it is only life's second law, survival (self-defense) still needs to be adequately provided for. I'm trying not only to understand what's right or wrong about foreign policy decisions of those in charge today, but also where our leaders have gone seriously astray in the past (which may well have contributed to this "fucked up world"). You can bomb and bulldoze the rest of the world if you have the hardware, but once you choose that path it seems endless; nothing is ever truly resolved. Btw: "foreign policy".... I hate that term (the word "foreign" itself carries a vaguely threatening connotation).

As far as an operating system, I think democracy is the truest system for a "free world", along with an appropriate capitalist-socialist mix (a topic of endless debate). But remember that there are still groups of people in the world who might prefer other systems. Anyway, I think I've said enough for now.
I know this is more a background to my thinking on the question and not so much a set of specific answers, but this way of thinking.... more of a consciousness of our place as part of the world community..... is where it starts.