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late riff #9

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Funny how the recent threads grew :-)

I’m home insanely late after 8 hours of hearing john in toronto and jerry in winnipeg stories! Phil ya in later.

up front apologies for not having read the other noble kickers posts in this thread yet (but I really look forward to!) cuz I can’t get back at the computer, only read yr initial, then retired to old shelf-paper abacus in basement for a late jam.

getting To the long view . . .
we gotta clear up this george bush thing (since you mention it as contrast)
brother Jack, I would Not be harping about cleaning house if the bishop wasn’t coming over! I know the place was messy before, but it was nothin like this!

I (nor do I think the other get-bush-out people) think he is "the root of all evil” as you put it. Give us sum cred! (although he sure is One of the roots of evil!)

It’s like a person appears to have lung cancer so you try to get them to stop smoking as the first step. cutting out george bush is just the first freakin step towards the healthy, actualized human spirit long view you ask about.

And the internet and this site is an essential tool in that long-view.

The live litkicks shows we produce is the long view manifested.
The lives we live today in action poetry is the long view.
I’m surprised we have to reiterate the macro while we discuss the micro bush, but you ask . . . and I don’t know how metaphysical you want to get. I know you, and as with many of us perhaps, can leap from the practical to the grandiosely philosophic within a single sentence. so to follow . . .

Long view in the short-term --

after getting Dub & co. out of office (which is the essence of human existence btwn now and Nov. :- ) . . .

bring in a whole other international relations team who are not connected to the current crew who have personally pissed off everyone in the world and who no one will talk to

from new people in the room, other nations and entities may begin to talk to the u.s. again
then Big Daddy has colleagues.
then you work with the u.n., the G8 and the e.u.
once you get relative diplomatic agreement (sharing) you can build an international coalition, and from there build an multinational ‘police’ force a la kosavo, afghanistan, kuwait, WWI, WWII, etc., involving nato and arab countries to occupy / rebuild iraq.
Once healing the gaping wound we’ve opened there, the western alliance begins to talk to the arab countries, and instead of threatening war or dropping bombs, we begin a dialog.

we listen to the arab concerns over israel.
Listen to arab views about their own destiny and western intervention.
Learn about middle-eastern concepts of humiliation.
begin to understand WHY they attacked us and hate us, not simply hit them back harder.

Like in a marriage (cuz we’re all united in speciesmony) try to Not do what pisses the other person off – so you can live together and get along for yourselves and the sake of the children.
And this goes for all sides, of course, including shutting down the schools in saudi that teach anti-westernism, and the suicide bombers in palestine, and the crusaders in al queda.

Domestically my long view includes . . .

reversing the Patriot Acts.
dropping the abortion debate and letting women do what they want with their god-given bodies.
granting gay marriages so any two human beings who love each other can get married.
treating the earth like a sacred place and not a lawn to be mowed for profit;
stopping building jails, but better schools.
stop funding imaginary star wars programs and start funding certain daily solar power.
stop sponsoring weapons makers and start funding bicycle manufacturers.
stop clear-cutting preserved forests and calling it healthy!
subtract profit; add sympathy.

these are not insane, unachievable goals. Other nations do it quite successfully in the 21st century.
The long-view isn’t that hard to achieve – as long as america doesn’t keep acting unilaterally and “pre-emptively”. (read: the New American Century .org) (read: YOU on Nov. 2nd)

In the long view --

it means us being together, not spying on each other but allowing us to create our own homemade visions of utopia.
Only people who are oppressed or desperate or deranged want to kill others.
Non-killing and peace exists on communes and communities in america and in countries around the world.
we all know about american homicides per capita compared to any other country.
american is just kill-crazy. really.

america isn’t the root of All evil, but it sure makes more guns, bullets and bombs than any other nation in history (probably cumulatively) and sure kills and imprisons more of its own people than any other civilized country on the planet. how about maybe if we stop the killing thing?

There are lots of examples of kind living -- from individual families to jam-band communities, from yoga classes to spin classes, from other countries’ sensibilities to other americans’.

In the long view. . .

westerners will crack the Quran and the teachings of Buddha, and far easterners will take a crack at one-person one-vote.

we will all live in peace. we will understand each other – and maybe the internet and sites like this will help.

we will create off of each other, like any good pure sources joining together to make the whole better than the sum.

we won't be bought by oil when so many other forms of energy are so readily available.

we will treat ourselves, others and the environment fairly and with respect.

“thou shall not kill” will mean something, and the people who hold its book will honor its teaching instead of twisting it around to mean “thou shall kill anyone who doesn’t agree with my book.”

In the long view, you could smoke a joint at a Bob Dylan concert in Florence, America (new york city) without fear of going to jail.

CEOs salaries will be closer to the mailroom person’s.

companies who pollute will be treated like black people charged with murder in texas.

as long as you don’t hurt someone else you can pretty much do as you please.

politicians will wear their corporate sponsors on their jackets.

guns and weapons will be unnecessary and we'll take care of each other.

religions will dissolve into spirituality, and the essence of love and compassion will fill our species rather than doctrines and distinctions of right and left, christian and jew, american and canadian, gay and straight.

In the long view we will love each other.
And not kill each other.

here now.