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It's sort of analagous to ...

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... stemming the tide of an oncoming flood. Bush is a figurehead but he's the figurehead on the prow of a ship that is dragging this country along a path that, as I see it, is:

1. dangerous (to the US & the world)
2. illogical (preemptive war as a means of making peace)
3. decidedly non-compassionate (tax cuts for the rich, no universal health care, underfunded, ill-conceived education strategies, etc.)
4. anti-environmental (increase oil exploration in pristine wilderness, give tax breaks for SUV drivers, corporate welfare for the oil & coal producers, relaxing existing environmental laws re; emissions, etc.)
5. authoritarian (Patriot Acts I & II)
6. alienating (cowboy unilateralism).

Bush is the easy target because he's the man on point, but really, anyone who seriously pays attention to the political machinations in this country knows that he is just a cog in what can be seen as the neocon machine (speaking specifically of those people who comprise the framework of the "Project for the New American Century" .)

It's a directional & a karma thing. Bush & Co are leading the US in the wrong direction and generating enormous amounts of bad karma to boot.

This is the problem and this is why this election is pivotal.

I have argued at length here that there is little difference between the Democrats and the Republicans and I believe that is true. However, I am not willing or ready to sit back and say "oh whatever, it doesn't make a difference". It does. At least insofar as trying to steer the damn ship somewhat to the Left, as much as possible, as much as a democrat can manage.

It's easy to take the laid-back approach and think that art & poetry & the creative lifestyle constitutes being a responsible citizen in a democracy. It's also easy to say 'well, George Bush is just an illusion, a manifestation of samsara, we're all living a dream anyway' but I think that's too much of a cop out. It's not enough to live in the US and reap the benefits and use the enormous amounts of resources each American uses everyday and then shrug and say, when the country's leaders are so transparently tearing down our individual freedoms, giving the finger to the world community, and arbitrarily invading sovereign nations, that it's all just an illusion.

For the innocents in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in inner city America, in the emergency rooms of the nation's hospitals, in the failing schools, it isn't an illusion. It's Real Life.