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When America dropped the bomb on Hiroshima they said they did it to save one million American lives, the number of American lives they said it would have taken in order to gain a "victory" over Japan and force their surrender. They said that it would take a whole lot to force the Japanese to surrender, and that this justified the dropping of Little Boy.

I obviously loathe war (although I have never experienced it on anything but my television screen), but from a military point of view and the point of view of an American trying to defeat Japan (I am not American, British, but you see what I mean), and in strict mathematical terms it made sense. 180,000 Japanese died (directly) as a result. Japan surrendered, 1,000,000 American lives were saved. As many of you people are Americans here, I just wonder whether you would say that it was justified in those terms.

Was the claim that it would and did save American lives true?