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Minor Moments of the Beat Saga

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Rolling Stone published an article on Neal Cassady, featuring Carolyn, in the fall of 1972. The photographer was Annie Leibovitz. In there, Carolyn gave her opinion that both Luanne Henderson (the gorgeous first Mrs Cassady; looked like Debbie Reynolds) and Anne Murhpy/Maxwell (voluptuous North Beach dancer, at least after the silicone, and one of the last girlfriends of Neal) liked the beatings Neal was of the habit of administering to them. (Carolyn seemed proud that he only hit her once, and then allowed her to retaliate.)

In that season, Al Hinkle came to call at the Bancroft Street ranchito in Los Gatos. He was an emissary from the other characters in the drama. He reported the displeasure of both Luanne and Anne at the published charge they were masochists.

Carolyn stood by the story.