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Bill was twenty years my senior at a period in my life when I was birthing intellectually and of course I was very much impressed with him. He was great to turn on with and listen to as he could really rap and he knew all kinds of things.
I do remember him giving me older brother type of advice when I sought him out for that. We went often looking to score grass and hash in Arab cafes and that was always fun.
There was a group of us living in that hotel and we almost always ended up eating in the same restaurants all around one table. Politics was always a hot subject and you can see it's influence in their poems. Allen was more "friend" in that he always tried to help out. I have a long letter from him written a week before he died explaining why he couldn't comply with a request of mine. Imagine, he is so sick as to be dying yet he feels bad about letting a friend down.

As to the A-Bomb. Yes France has them, as well as England and China and Russia and the Ukraine. It seems North Korea has the technology. I am surprised that one has not gone off somewhere already by accident or design. I do think it will happen somewhere. Yes, the human race is that stupid. Thats why I feel so strong about defending ourselves. I do not want to see one set off here. It is entirely possible. And if it takes a pre-emptive strike to prevent be it.