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my view (I don´t know if it´s long , short or medium size)

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I don´t think it´s healthy for you and the world to have Bush as president of the US for other period.
The relation representante/representado is complex and very difficult to see and accept when you are involved. Bush isn´t only "Bush". I´m sure a lot of people in your country support for action or omission Bush´s ideas and actions.
I felt and still feel similar things towards my country, specially towards presidente Menem. But it was a fact that he was re-elected and during a lot of time had people´s support.
I consider myself a citizen of the world, a cosmic walker and also a citizen of Argentina. Buddhist?, cristian?, marxist?... I don´t know, (I don´t write my book yet) but meanwhile ... act (doing what?) or not act (not doing what?)... is it a problem?