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Oh Canada...

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Oh Canada...It's fascinating reading different opinions/ideas/visions of Canada. Having lived here for 43 years I've got to throw in my two cents worth. Yes our health care system is BETTER than the United States. Yes our Marijuana laws are way better than the U.S. Our foreign policy seems to be slightly better in that we concentrate more on "peacekeeping" than on overthrowing nations. We are generally more accepting but that tends to lead to a certain sterile atmosphere. We are an English country except for Quebec (which is mainly French) as well as Italian, German, Vietnamese, Chinese, Spanish etc. etc. The whole "Bilingual" thing is a farce - at least west of Ontario. Other than Quebec most people speak english as at least one of thier languages. Although on the surface we seem to treat Indians (Native Americans) equally - why is it that the majority live in poverty and die way younger than the rest of the country. We are anything but perfect and I love visiting the United States (there are some very cool people down there - not to mention music) but I am glad I am Canadian.