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Raymond Chandler and Lou Reed

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Cool stuff!

I remember seeing a doco once where Lou Reed talked about what an influence Raymond Chandler was on his songwriting...

Reed admired Chandler's ability to generate incredible imagery through simple language, and felt it was ideal for rock 'n' roll... that cold, dark, hard-edged, gloomy, bleak, steam-rising-from-the-manhole-in-a-windblown-street-splashed-with-sickly-pale-dim-light kind of vision and feeling...

A lot of the lyrics, as well as the music of the Velvet Underground really reflect this feeling and vision and imagery...

Even though it's been a while since I've seen that documentary, I still clearly remember Chandler's words (quoted by Reed), which I think shows just how powerful his writing and imagery are;

"That blonde was as pleasant as a split lip."

"His manicure made his thumb look like a glistening ice cube."

Not sure where those words are from though.