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I was stoned when I read that and wrote this

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If that was all stream of concious
then continue on please

I think that if there was/were no war(s) and the over population pollution space problem had become apparent a long time ago then we would have been forced into some of these conservation/ eco friendly policies that are so ostrasized right now. After all it would truly be a life and death protect my private property matter (the end of the world due to overpopulation and all) I mean right now we shun all but the extremely conservative conservation (kind of like compassionate conservatives) policies it would take manhattan to be six feet under water for anyone to give a polite shit about the ozone layer or a melting icecap at this piont. And the outer space thing, I'd like to explore that, the theory put forth not really the actually universe up there, I mean we always are looking for new places to pull down and wrack up, what left to destroy, we'd really fuck up any planet that could sustain us anyways, and imagine the wars to decide who gets to put what colonies where, they'd be dead by the time they got off the space ship as reinforcements and damn we'd probably have to send out newborn babies just to have a decently tough soldier on our new planet after the several light years it takes to reach this new galaxy, on the other hand maybe the new life forms we meet could really kick our asses if we messed with them and they could be that old democratic symbol they could be the ones that check the balance, (plato is smiling in his grave, the republic is safe)
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