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oh boy

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killed 3 million koreans for poltical purposes, great lovely, it was just our verision of the spanish civil war, the serbs/croats/muslims dont kid yrself you can't really blame one or the other, during ww2 it was the Croats killing the Serbs before that it was the Muslims oppressing all of what was Yugoslavia, dude your a simpleton...The Civil War wasn't fought to end slavery, that was a side impact, Lincoln thought African Americans were subhuman, no lie here. Great it got rightful owners of Kuwait out of Kuwait, Saddam wasn't a great guy, but he was and still is a hero to many people, you need to learn to see things different, Kuwait was a state created by the British for poltik reasons, artifical made up, by history always part of Iraq, Sumeria, the Turking Sultanate of Iraq, whatever...theres nothing worse then war...