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“New Year Poem

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Dawn on the new year – and time slow
under the streeling blue, the cave of light.
Gyring, sunk like a past beneath the blur
of horns and kisses, the tinfoil, the smoke
and the liquor that makes it able to pretend
years are not time, not legal, the urban life
rolls in the fog and snow to its damp seed.

Where evergreen and baubles keep their watch
above the greeting cards and messages
(love in red ribbon, hope in cotton white)
the logs are going out, the embered flare
trembles, is snuffed away. So it is merely
another year, another holiday
within the cycle of boredom and decay.

Where the paper crown has fallen
from the gay baldness of a clerk, the wheels
of angry taxis turn, crushing the gold
in grey slush. Bells of holly
no longer gleam nor shine
in evergreen and lonely
bachelor eyes. Behind the eyes
(perennials of lingering, longing
over some gentleness
in which they have no part) the bright
balloons burst. The party, at last,
is over: the couples have paired away.

-O sing hosanna, swing the censer, with candle bless
each private king and every kitten! Bring
love to time moving in a law of steel
and death. Save we the saviors who have been slain –
the saints whose blood perpetually we drain !

-Hosanna sing for laurel, bay and holly:
sing in the year time moves in time less jolly !”

(Harold Norse in “In the Hub of the Fiery Force”)

(cycles of associations (micro/macro) and a final net of hope and motion !)