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re: Bosnia and Somalia

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I think we're off the topic of the original post here.
I've already given those two military interventions the benefit of the doubt. And I can understand why the US fought in such wars as WW2 in the '40s or Korea in the '50s or Iraq/Kuwait in '91 or even Afghanistan ('01-current). These were wars fought to meet emerging threats that were serious enough to merit war as an option to counter these threats. I'm not sure I agree with all these wars, but I can at least understand the reasoning and circumstances behind them.

But I want to know about the many other examples of American military involvement and interference over the past few decades..... the arming of Saddam Hussein in the'80s (our boy, Rumsfeld), the CIA's toppling of regimes in Nicaragua and Chile in the '70s-'80s, the US alliance with Communist China and the Kmer Rouge in the '70s, the prolonged US involvement in the Vietnam quagmire in the '60s-'70s, the essentially unilateral invasion of Iraq last year, and many other ventures like this...... all based on perhaps ill-conceived and somewhat vague notions of "preemption". This is what I want your opinion of. It's my opinion that these type of operations (and mindset) do more damage than good.