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genes, experience and what makes us human

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It's made of sentences, paragraphs, chapters, whole books. It's DNA. Genes. It's the most fascinating book I've ever read. Ever. Nature Via Nurture, that's the title, by Matt Ridley. Better than Kants critiques. Better than Marx or Frued. The book, better than bits of clinical revelations, keeps you fervently on the edge of enlightenment. And that is a big word. You feel smarter after reading the first chapter, not just full of scientific trivia, archaic and stultifying; this science is utilitarian. You use it in your imagination the way you use nitrous in your engine. It's catalystic. It's full of trenchant humor. It's modern. Every good Christian, Buddhist(even nihilists), or anyone who is awaiting the return of someone, should read it. It contributes to that return. Some day someone corporeal, born of man, will synthesize the elements of human knowledge. This is the messiah, right? The Buddha. We Christians are sure it will happen. We just don't know when. The Buddhists are more precise. They say it'll be in about 500 hundred more years. They even know his name. Well that guy will be the progeny of men like Mat Ridley and the scientists he writes about. This is the stuff!