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I'm very happy to see this article finally done. While I kind of understood the term, slog brings together his summary in a very useful way.
You can tell this article was well-researched as slog makes references to Fellini's 8 1/2, Microsoft Word's lack of a definition for metafiction, and more.


Kerouac! The Great Fucker Who Changed My Life

When I read the title I wondered how serious I should take this article. Sorry, my bad. The sheer enthusiasm shown for Kerouac's work is very refreshing and it rekindled my own appreciation of Kerouac. Lines like " realize these memories aren't yours, but somehow, they sort of belong to you", and "Two nights...I finished it in two nights. Those quiet ones, where my mother couldnt hear the rustle of the pages..." made me smile and reflect on the fact that On The Road probably is my favorite book. I first discovered Literary Kicks a few years ago when I typed "jack kerouac" in a search engine, hungry for more.